A comprehensive adaptive Digital PreDistortion (DPD) solution for enhancing the power efficiency of RF power amplifiers. 

FlexDPD is a comprehensive adaptive digital predistortion solution that is scalable and independent of the target device vendor hence it can be built for any FPGA/SoC or ASIC platform.


Advantages include:

  • Vendor independent: compiled for your preferred FPGA or silicon vendor.
  • Scalable: resource optimisation for bandwidth, performance and multiple antennae/MIMO.
  • Affordable: licensing terms to suit your business and roadmap.
  • Accessible: evaluation on your own hardware or using an off-the-shelf platform, contact us for details.
  • Supported: your success with FlexDPD is our core business.


Supplied with:

  • Comprehensive documentation.
  • Integration and performance analysis tools.
  • Support from highly experienced radio systems engineers.



Technically advanced, FlexDPD linearization technology includes the following benefits:

  • Maximises efficiency by enabling amplifier operation in the non-linear region. Greater than 50% efficiency can be achieved when coupled with the latest GaN devices in a Doherty configuration.
  • Amplifier distortion improvements of > 45 dB have been attained.
  • Enables multi-carrier and multi-standard single-antenna transmissions.
  • Adaptive compensation for power amplifier memory effect.
  • Adaptive compensation for both Tx and observation path AQM impairments.
  • Operation with Tx occupied bandwidths over 1 GHz, only limited by the target hardware capabilities.
  • Agnostic to transistor technology (e.g. LDMOS, GaAs, GaN) and amplifier topology (e.g. class A/B, Doherty).
  • Agnostic to the communications standard: works with multi-carrier, multi-standard FDD, TDD, 2/3/4/5G, DVB-T, DVB-S2X, BGAN and many others.
  • Low target resource footprint, which is also scalable to suit the requirements.
  • Compatible with technologies such as Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) and envelope tracking.
  • Inherently compatible with 7-2x O-RAN deployments (O-RU).

For more details download our FlexDPD Overview, or contact us to chat about how FlexDPD can be used in your system.


This video illustrates the performance of FlexDPD with a Doherty PA transmitting mixed-mode, 4G + 2G at +46 dBm. Alongside the 27 dB (approx) improvement of ACLR1, note how the in-band shaping of the PA output is corrected by the DPD action (clue, observe the passband of the 4G carrier).