Technology aimed squarely at improving power amplifier efficiency, plus our comprehensive support for your project to realise these gains.

Crest Factor Reduction (CFR)

Crest Factor Reduction is used to limit the transmit signal envelope, thereby facilitating the enhancement of power amplifier efficiency. Systems4Silicon's FlexCFR is a communications standard agnostic solution that is highly configurable and independent of the target device vendor, hence it can be built for any FPGA/SoC or ASIC platform.

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Digital PreDistortion (DPD)

Digital Predistortion (DPD) is a high performance technology for enhancing the power efficiency of RF power amplifiers. Systems4Silicon's FlexDPD is a complete Digital Predistortion sub-system that is customisable and independent of the target device vendor, hence it may be built for any FPGA/SoC or ASIC platform.

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Comprehensive support is one of our cores. We know that CFR and DPD have system-level design implications and will be unfamiliar to many integrators. Unlike some providers, our support does not end at the "design win"; our business is your success. 

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