SoC and FPGA Development

Providing experienced resources for robust ASIC/FPGA firmware development in this increasingly complex field of technology.

RTL firmware development is an increasingly significant part of today’s electronics system landscape. Having worked directly with Xilinx, Intel and Microchip FPGA devices and within ASIC development teams, Systems4Silicon has broad experience spanning low-cost FPGAs to high-end SoC designs. Our involvement spans the full life-cycle:

  • Device selection
  • Hardware design
  • Clock domain partitioning
  • RTL coding,
  • Simulation (including modelling using SystemC)
  • Timing closure
  • Test and validation

Combined with our embedded software development capabilities, we provide a complete service in FPGA and SoC development.

We understand the importance of robust timing constraints and have experience of working with high speed, resource limited designs. Other specialist skills include the design of high-speed interfaces, clock domain crossing, and converting digital signal processing (DSP) functionality from floating-point models to fixed-point implementations.

Systems4Silicon's IP Cores are good examples of the kinds of sub-systems that find their way into today's SoC designs. Making use of embedded microprocessor (e.g. Microblaze/NiosII) and on-chip bus technology (e.g. AXI4) they illustrate some of Systems4Silicon's principal design capabilities.