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Circuit Board Development

Strong digital, RF and mixed signal design skills, with particular understanding of low noise systems enable Systems4Silicon to develop boards for the most demanding applications. Our development engineers have a wealth of experience in designing high speed and mixed signal multi-layer boards.

Developing circuit boards is a difficult balancing act. Not only must the board operation be functionally correct, but board area, component cost and inventory must be minimised. Long component lead times may require alternatives to be sought. With an understanding of Design For Test (DFT) and Design For Manufacture (DFM), Systems4Silicon's engineers are able to make appropriate decisions to balance the competing design pressures. As well as producing the electronic design, we will also manage the board development for you, including supervision of the layout process and liaising with the PCB manufacture and assembly houses.

The challenge of combining high speed digital signals and sensitive analogue circuits in an environment spanning a broad operating temperature is particularly common amongst wireless systems. Our designs have incorporated components as diverse as 1000 pin ball grid array FPGAs, high speed DACs and ADCs, RF mixers, LNAs and switched mode power supplies. In a design like this, electromagnetic interference must be reduced through board partitioning and/or screening, attention to detail in power supply decoupling and careful routing of sensitive power rails and signals. Testing a board like this can be a challenge too. With experience in designing for and using JTAG test interfaces, Systems4Silicon can assist in prototype board testing and developing board test scripts for production.


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