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Design Services

Whether it is product design, systems analysis or additional development staff, Systems4Silicon provides those key engineering resources that every project team needs.

Systems4Silicon has a wealth of experience in product, systems and wireless communications engineering. We offer a wide range of technical, electronics and software design services, to be tailored for your requirements.


Product Design

With the benefit of many years of project management experience, Systems4Silicon provides a full product design service, from system specification through to new product introduction for volume manufacturing.

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Wireless Systems Engineering

With a long pedigree in radio and wireless systems engineering, Systems4Silicon provides analytical and mathematical skills for innovative solutions to communication systems challenges.

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Circuit Board Development

Strong digital, RF and mixed signal design skills, with particular understanding of low noise systems enable Systems4Silicon to develop boards for the most demanding applications.

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FPGA Development

FPGA hardware and firmware development is a significant part of today’s electronics system landscape. Systems4Silicon provides resources for robust FPGA development using this increasingly complex technology.

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Embedded Software and DSP

Most electronic designs contain software. Systems4Silicon has extensive experience in software design for embedded microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors.

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Picochip/Mindspeed Partner

Systems4Silicon is an approved Picochip/Mindspeed partner.

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Design Services

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